Dubai is a glistening dream destination for many travellers, particularly first-timers; it has a captivating allure for wanderers. Dubai has an excellent blend of modern and cultural aspects, with skyscrapers and historical landmarks in specified zones. The genuine beauty of Dubai is hidden deep among the enormous regions covered in golden dunes. You can do many exciting things in the Arabian desert if you know what kind of experience you want. Dubai is one of the best destinations to enjoy the splendour of life, with tranquil beaches, exciting nightlife, huge malls, and wealthy city culture. Desert safari in Dubai is the perfect way to explore the city. During your trip, you will experience the rich culture, and many exhilarating adventure activities throughout the day will combine for an unforgettable experience.

Every visit to Dubai is incomplete without a desert safari adventure. From an adrenaline dune bashing ride in that obligatory photo with a sweeping dune backdrop to riding a camel and watching Tanura and belly dancers as you drink a cup of hot tea, Dubai desert adventures are well-known for providing one of the most unique and unforgettable experiences while being environmentally conscious and inventive. Whether you are a first-time traveller or have visited Dubai many times, experiences in the Arabian Desert are always on the minds of travellers. 

Types of Desert Safari Tours:

In Dubai, visitors can select from various desert safari tours tailored to meet individual preferences and interests. Some popular options are:

Evening Desert Safari:

An iconic experience, the evening desert safari in Dubai whisks you away on an exciting adventure across the breathtaking desert environment just as the sun begins to set. You can enjoy a delicious BBQ meal in a desert camp after the activities, which include dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking, henna painting, and traditional Arabic entertainment like belly dancing and Tanoura dance.

Overnight Desert Safari:

The overnight desert safari tour offers an immersive experience, one of which is to spend the night under the starry sky. Along with all the activities of a nighttime desert safari, it also offers extras like stargazing, a bonfire, sleeping in authentic tents, and a delicious breakfast in the morning.

VIP Desert Safari:

VIP Desert Safari provides premium services and facilities to customers seeking a lavish experience. They usually feature VIP transportation, gourmet dining options, unique entertainment events, and additional activities such as falconry performances or quad-riding.

A desert safari trip in Dubai offers a variety of activities to choose from. Some factors that can make your average desert safari a spectacular one is:

Dune Bashing:

The Dubai dune bashing is one of the main activities of a desert safari. It entails driving a 4×4 car across the desert dunes and navigating the sandy landscape on an off-road adventure. 

Camel Riding:

Feel the excitement of regaining your balance as you climb atop the camel and watch it rise smoothly, swaying slightly forward and backward as it corrects its stance. The Dubai desert safari camel ride is a famous and remarkable experience that perfectly captures the beauty of the desert while being unquestionably popular with visitors. 

Quad Biking:

Dubai Desert Safari with quad biking adventure is a must-do activity. Enjoy the breathtaking desert scenery while riding a bike with unmatched elegance and strength. Visitors to Dubai often choose this thrilling activity because it offers an exhilarating, self-guided journey. 


Henna is a traditional art technique from the Middle East and India that involves applying beautiful designs to the hands and wrists using natural ink. After 30 minutes of drying, a beautiful stained design is still visible. Henna is the best activity to try during a desert safari, as it gives your adventure a touch of beauty and charm.

Shisha Smoking:

During your Dubai desert safari, you should experience the local custom of shisha or hookah pipes. Even for non-smokers like me, the sensation of smoking the moist, fruit-flavoured tobacco in the pipes is delightful and unique. 

Belly Dancing:

A mesmerizing dance style with roots in Middle Eastern culture, belly dancing will take you to a world of elegant moves and rhythmic tunes. You will be amazed by the beauty and elegance of the performance as the expert belly dancer sways and dances to the music. 

Arabic BBQ:

 Enjoy the delicious barbecue dinner while watching entertainment shows! After your journey, you can also sip Arabian coffee and some sweets. BBQ Buffet Dinner is suitable for both vegetarians & non-vegetarians. Indulge in a sumptuous barbecue buffet featuring a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. 

A camel ride and dune bashing are two activities you may add to your desert safari trips in Dubai to make it an unforgettable experience. After a delicious BBQ dinner, you can enjoy various activities like stargazing, sandboarding, quad biking, henna painting, and cultural performances. During a desert safari, you can try a quad bike ride across the dunes with the help of experts. You can also navigate our website by visiting

The best time to visit Dubai for a desert safari is from November to March because of the chilly weather throughout this period. 


  • Have a fun-filled family experience bashing dunes, sandboarding, and camel riding in the desert region of Dubai. 
  • Admire the rich culture of Dubai in a traditional Bedouin-style camp, where you can ride a camel and dress up in traditional Arabic clothes.
  • Capture stunning photographs and marvel at the golden hues of the desert at its most captivating moments.
  • Experience the magic of desert culture through the thrilling dunes and various fun activities on this safari.
  • Relax by the campfire and enjoy the stunning fire show and belly dance performances. 
  • During the sunset desert safari, take in the magnificent sunset over the dunes, which creates a charming and enchanting atmosphere.
  • Experience the traditional mode of transportation and immerse yourself in the local way of life by going on a camel ride at the campsite.

An exciting and daring method to experience Dubai’s deserts is by desert safari, which comes highly recommended! Book desert safari Dubai tickets now and witness the remarkable beauty of the desert and capture priceless memories. Enjoy a BBQ dinner under the stars while taking in a breathtaking desert safari in Dubai as the sun goes down. Book the best desert safari tour in Dubai and let the beauty of the desert captivate you, leaving you with lifelong memories. If you want to try a desert safari tour, look no further than Falcon Oasis. Contact us today and book your next adventure with us.